Client Feedback

On fleek and slaying it!!!


This letter serves to confirm that the Dieter Moller has assisted us with various corporate events for internal and external stakeholder in (Client not Mentioned) since 2015. His assistance and support included conception and design, venue sourcing, proposals, theme suggestions, project management, liaison of speakers/MC’s, printing of menus and other event stationary and end-to-end pre-during and post event management. We were very satisfied with his creative capabilities, attention to detail, theme suggestions and professionalism at all times. The events were executed flawlessly and feedback from our stakeholders has always been positive and they indicated that our events are of a very high quality. We would like to this opportunity to thank Dieter Moller for partnering with us to meet our event objectives.

….. was instrumental in the success of our immersion trip to Israel, Singapore and Turkey. His organizing skills are that of a true professional, ensuring that a rowdy group of 20 Senior Managers were always on time and suitably prepared for every single meeting (17 companies over 5 days in 4 cities and 3 countries) with cultural experiences added to ensure exposure to local cuisine and cultures. His report with the local tour organizers, hotel staff, airlines and restauranteurs was phenomenal. His personal interaction and association with each and every team member always ensured beyond call of duty service was provided. Always, the correct dietary requirements per dinner and even personal individual nuances of each members were catered for every-time without fail. I would highly recommend his services to anybody that wants a truly personal touch experience with a professionalism unmatched in the industry. Definitely services we would use again in the future. Thanks Dieter, more ticks on the bucket list, extremely satisfied with this trip.

Ever so often in life one has the privilege to work alongside an individual that is completely passionate about what he does and travel is that passion for Dieter. He was never happy to just put forward a normal tour, Dieter always made it his mission to ensure that the client did not just see the destination but actually lived and experienced it. Those that have travelled with him will know exactly what I’m talking about, those that haven’t I suggest you try it.

…..has an incredibly contagious passion for the hospitality and events industry and his growth and successes in this portfolio are testament to that. He is dedicated and loyal and is a very good mentor to those working around him. He is a well-liked personality by both colleagues and clients alike.

We are demanding and this was the first time that I did not get upset or have to shout at the organiser. I don’t know how you did it but you were always there when I turned around. THANK YOU.